Monday, October 8, 2007

Funny thing about Brides-to-Be: A Comparison of On and Offline Sposas

Online, everyone loves each other and is happy to share their triumphs and flaws and eager to boost the other with compliments. In a store or bridal shop, it's cut throat, who looks better, I want that and rich bitch.

Brides use funny abbreviations online. BM = bridesmaid. Fi = fiance. DH = dear husband. DOC = day of coordinator. In the real world, BM = taking a sh*t. Fi = how much you have to pay. DH = first two letters of a delivery service. DOC = ahhh, what's up Doc?

Things are peachy and rosy. Brown and pink is the perfect color combo. Your photographer is the best and you tell everyone about her. Your wedding reception gave you the best deal. All online. In reality, things are stressful and your in-laws are annoying. You hate brown and pink makes you cringe. Your photographer is ripping you off and your hall is no better at $150 a head without a Viennese table or valet parking.

Online, you're open and honest. Everyone knows what's in your savings, how great your fiance is in bed, what you will wear on your wedding night, what your b-pics look like, and how you sabotaged your future sister in law by putting her in a dress that makes her hips look bigger than yours. Of course, in real life, you'd think someone was rude for asking you how much everything costs, you hide your assets, no one knows what goes on between the sheets, and you tell your future sis that she looks amazing in clingy silk fuscia.

Oh... how great wedding planning online makes us feel!

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