Monday, October 8, 2007

13 Months

So, the other night I was on my usual wedding websites and I saw a girl who is about nineteen months from her wedding day and I thought, 'Wow, this girl has tons of time!'And then I realized that it was us back in March who were 19 months out and now we've hit lucky number 13! Excitedly, I looked at the countdown on my phone and saw that we're also below the 400 day mark. (Yeah, I know, I should have known this by adding a year and a month but I'm not that swift. We all know this.)

At this point in my planning, I'm starting to realize what everyone told me was true. It will all fly by so quickly. I couldn't understand it then. When I would tell people I'm engaged and they'd ask me who I was using for my DJ, I'd say that I had plenty of time. Or when someone asked me about my dress, I'd say that I have at least six months until I even start looking. And I am still trying to hold off. Another ten pounds and I'm hitting the stores for real this time. I keep saying that. The first fourteen pounds made the dresses look great on me. Now, I want another ten and then we're talking dresses. But it has to be soon because now we're coming down to crunch time and I can no longer say we have time.

Well, I guess that's not totally true. Whenever I read a new bridal mag, I always see their little checklist/countdown thingy. Usually, it says that you should start booking vendors at nine months. Nine months? Are these people nuts? Even at a year, we found that some vendors were all ready booked. It's unreal how quickly people start locking up the good guys and gals.

We planned early. Thank God! We had our hall booked about three weeks after we got engaged. Our Church was actually booked before I even had the ring on my finger (yeah, we knew we wanted to get married for a long time-- probably from our first date). Over the summer, we locked up a photographer and DJ, and pretty soon, we'll send a deposit to our videographer. All that is left are the limos, florist, tuxes, girls' bridesmaid dresses, my gown, making the favors, creating the Church programs, the reception dinner menu, the seating cards, the table numbers, and possibly, our cake topper unless we find one we like that we register for. Oh, and also, we need to decide where we will have our rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. Then, we have to register and also, buy the rings. Okay, so, maybe I'm really not that far ahead after all.

It's scary and all so real and true now. But I can't say that I am stressed. I love this time in my life. I like the planning. I like hoping that I'll hit the lotto. I'm glad that I finally have a reason to lose weight. I get kicks from seeing how much is in my savings account. But most of all, I love when I send my fiance a message that we're so many odd days out and he corrects me. That goes to show that he's just as excited as me-- and also counting down the days til we're Mr. and Mrs. V!

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