Thursday, November 8, 2007

Holy Crap-- A Year to the Day

Am I freaking out? Not yet. Am I excited? Hellz yeah mofo! I am butt-crazy, super ridiculously psyched that in a little less than a year (try 365 days minus a few hours), I'll be the new Mrs. V. Woo hoo! I feel like quoting JBJ and saying 'We're half way there' because when we first started out on this journey, November 8, 2008 seemed so far away and now it's almost here. It's amazing how time flies. (I swear that I really do hate cliches.) I feel like I was just writing one of my first posts the other day at 13 months-- and that was more than 30 days ago!

Everyone said that eventually, time would fly and things would feel like they were happening faster than I could comprehend. And not to say that everything I heard is true, but it kinda is.

The cutest thing? My fiance who was once the biggest vajayjay when it came to publicly expressing his emotions actually changed his myspace name to One Year to the Day last night around 12 AM. Not that I live by what he puts on a website, I thought it was a total sign of his excitement and eagerness to get married.

What else has been going on? We took advantage of an awesome sale at Levitz and bought all of our furniture. Mike picked out a leather couch and we opted for two arm chairs instead of a love seat. I showed him the table I've been pining over Sunday news pull out after Sunday news pull out and he fell in love, too. (Not just b/c of it's beauty but also because it would make a good card table. Gotta love him!) And our bedroom set has that old look about it with dark wood and tall pieces, except the accent and metal knobs give it a modern twist. We opted for a king size so we can say 'see ya in the morning' and also, in case our fur baby or someday, child, has a bad dream, we'll still have plenty of room.

Next on the agenda is to register. I know it's early but my family wants to know what to get us for Christmas and being that we're moving into our new apartment about 11 months before the wedding, we're going to need some stuff. We're not going to go overboard but we'll put some fun and functional stuff on there and then about 6 months or so before the wedding, we'll redo it for the shower.

And that's about it. Stay posted for my thoughts on registering. I'm hoping it's as fun as it sounds! :)

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